Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Champagne Super Nova - Oasis

Wow I haven't heard this song in awhile - I'm shocked I woke up with this song in my head.

Champagne Super Nova

Today is our anniversary!  I thought I would wake up with a song that reminded me of our wedding - but no.  Oh well.  I'm gonna post some of my favorite pictures of Jason and I.  Nine years ago in Maui, Jason and I took the plunge.  We got married a month after 9/11 and there were hardly any tourists on the island so we kind of had the island to ourselves.  I'm being extreme but thats what it felt like.

 Before we got married we were both stressed getting prepared for a destination wedding - plus add the fact of the anxiety of getting on a plane a month after 9/11!  The boys all had action plans ready to implement if some craziness occurred.  I think the queue word was 'bull ride'.  Hilarious!  I did feel a little safer that I had Jason, my dad, my brother and my brother-in-law Jamie all on our plane.

I was not nervous at all about getting married until the day of the wedding.  I woke up at 5am with crazy butterflies in my stomach.  Which was so weird to me because this is the moment I wanted so badly.  Thankfully my best friends parents knew that it was normal to be nervous and came bearing gifts of tea and muffins in the morning.  I was so happy to have my best friend Jodie there (my mom calls her 'my blonde daughter').  She kept me laughing and kept me calm all day.  We got to the hotel where we were getting married and staying for our honeymoon and then my sisters came - all was good.  Just needed all my girls.  My mom was under extreme instructions to stay out of my room-she stresses me out (sorry mom).  But her and my dad snuck in to see me which was totally fine...until my dad started to get emotional and then I had to kick him out so my make up wouldn't run down my face.  Didn't really matter though...my dad and I started to immediately cry when he had to walk me down the aisle.  I was so proud of myself too because I thought - wow I don't think I'm gonna cry at all!  We were getting married in a garden and I was walking over the bridge where my dad was waiting for me and I was so concerned with not falling on my face because I had some crazy pink shoes on underneath my dress - then I realize that I'm absolutely going to fall on my face and I look up and say "Dad come get me!"  As I do that I see that he is crying.  I lost it.

My dad walked me up to Jason and he had the most serene look on his face - he was so relaxed.  It totally freaked me out.  I am the one who never really worries too much because Jason worries for the both of us - I am the one calming him down for all the horrible things he thinks will happen.  I said to him "Why are you so calm?  You are freaking me out!"  He just said "I'm having a great day - Mike and I went snorkeling this morning, had champagne with my parents - all is good."  Then I was good - I was so happy Jason wasn't nervous - maybe that's why I was nervous...I wanted him to be as happy as I was and...he was so I was good.

We were married by Jodie's dad John.  It was very special.  There is a picture of us that was taken right after we were married and we looked so happy and relieved.  Our reception was by the beach - it was beautiful!  We were taking sunset pictures on the beach and we kept saying to each other - 'are you kidding me - this is beautiful!'  It was more beautiful then I ever imagined.

All of my closest family and friends danced all night and had a blast!

So 9 years later - we still laugh together, enjoy each other's company, talk football over a nice dinner and I still want to kiss him all the time - I guess I love the guy.  Jason knows the best and worst of me and still wants me to snuggle up next to him - I'm a lucky girl!

We have gone through the hardest times we have ever had the past few years and I love that we still want to spend time together.  I love the fact that I'm still excited to get dressed up for him and want to surprise him.

So...happy anniversary baby!  You are my best friend and I love you always.


  1. Destination wedding was the best idea ever! The girls & I just looked at that scrapbook album the other day. It was a bit scary getting on a plane, but well worth it! Most gorgeous wedding I've ever been to! Whenever I hear Abba & Daft Punk songs I think of your wedding! :}
    Congrats! Love you guys!