Sunday, September 26, 2010

9/25/10 - Up All Night Sleep All Day - Slaughter

I'm pretty much going on a week now of minimal sleep.  I'm up all night and all day.  I woke up yesterday morning with Up All Night Sleep All Day in my head and while getting ready I started to think about my sister Tabi.

Tabi loved the hair bands - but so did I.  I'm not sure if she had this album and but I will say whenever I hear a Cinderella song I think of her.  I think I shared a room with all of my sisters and brother at one point in my life.  When my little sister Missy was a baby my dad made a big bunk bed with a trundle bed for us - it was the biggest bunk bed I have ever seen.  He carved our names into the bed and we absolutely loved this bunk bed.  It was so big and sturdy that we pretty much used it as a jungle gym.  It became the Starship Enterprise, a pirate ship, an airplane, a school, an apartment, Swiss Family Robinson's tree house, etc.  My little nieces use it now for their bed and I love it because Addy hangs a solar system she made from the bed and she always wants to show me her room and her bed.  A few months ago I watched the girls and in the morning we all snuggled in the lower bunk bed and I thought it was so special.  I love that my dad made something that we can all use and pass to our kids.  I actually even used it for a bit when I moved out on my own.  I used the top bunk and had my desk underneath to conserve space in my room.  I know my dad loved it.

Funny story about Tabi and the bunk bed.  We moved a lot when we were kids.  I actually liked it because it was change.  I know my sister Tabi liked it too.  When we stayed at a house for awhile - we would get an itch to change things up.  So we would switch rooms, switch the room around or even switch roommates.  I can't remember if Tabi was actually sharing a room with me or not, but she always used to help me switch my room around when I wanted to.  She always gave me good ideas on how I could change things up.  The problem was - the huge bunk bed.  It was almost impossible to move.  Nothing was impossible for Tabi - she was like "We can move it - no problem".  So just for a moment picture two girls trying to move a huge piece of furniture.  I was I think maybe 65 lbs and I was on one side pulling the bunk bed which I know was not doing anything.  Tabi was pushing with all her might and then leveraged herself on the wall so she could push with her arms and legs.  All of the sudden "POP!"  Tabi's butt went through the wall!  We were dying laughing and I helped Tabi to get her out of the wall - then realized 'Oh crap Dad is gonna kill us for putting a hole in the wall!'  Tabi always coming up with something quick decided that I could use a poster she had to cover up the hole.  It was one of those 80's style posters that was a collage of things and the center was a girls face.  My cousin had this picture - it wasn't this bad but you kind of get the idea.  It was also in the most random place on the wall. We thought for sure my dad would notice - but no he didn't.

(You know you want this picture in your house - it's so emotional.  Haha!)

I think a year or two later we were moving up to Santa Maria and Tabi and I didn't know what to do - my dad would end up seeing the hole and we would be grounded for the rest of our lives.  So everything was out of the house and that poster was still there.  We were in the room when my dad took the poster off - we almost died.  We frantically told my dad what happened and all my dad was doing was laughing.  He said "Why didn't you tell me - I would have fixed it?"  We were so relieved and my dad laughed about that for awhile.


  1. this is too funny. i can just imagine two young girls, ready to poop their pants bc "dad's gonna kill us!!!"

  2. Thanks for the laugh! I really needed that today!! Cheers!

  3. God I remember that feeling thinking we were dead meat! I still get that itch to change things up all the time, it drives Jamie crazy! :}
    Oh, and for the record, yes, I had the Cinderella album. lol!

  4. Remember we used to sing "I'm coming home" like the Cinderella lead singer - he did that weird lip thing. haha