Sunday, May 30, 2010

5/30/10: Sexy Chick - Akon/David Guetta

Don't laugh.

I told you - I wake up with some weird stuff in my head in the morning. But this song is really fun to dance to. I actually haven't been dancing in awhile...hmmm I think the last time I went dancing I went to the Beauty Bar with my friend Sasha, Jason and my cousin. It was an eventful evening to say the least. My cousin decided to see if Mentos really was the Fresh Maker! We saw a guy that looked exactly like Wes Welker from the New England Patriots and Sasha and I danced the entire night. I think the moment I realized what a good friend Sasha was going to be for me is when she asked me to go request "Push It" from Salt N Pepa. Friend for life.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Airplanes - B.O.B (featuring Hayley Williams)

I really like B.O.B. although I think his first song "Nothin' On You" is played out. I don't want to listen to it so I won't get sick of it. As you will come to see with my morning music my taste has a wide range. I was happy to wake up to this song. I really like Hayley Williams of Paramore as well. She has a very beautiful and powerful voice for being a little chick. I'm a little chick as well but I have a very small voice, that is... until it comes to football. Then my lungs come out to play. I couldn't find a video for this song so it was the best audio I could find on YouTube.

I have always been the one in my family to love hip hop. My friends would laugh at me because they never knew how much I liked hip hop until we went out dancing and they would see I knew every song out there. My friend would say "How do you know all these songs?" But she was not someone that listened to the radio. My morning commute would consist of listening to the radio - mostly hip hop or listening to Howard Stern or Adam Corrolla when 97.1 Talk Radio still existed. Does anyone else think that Adam Corrolla is hilarious? My sister Heather and I would stay up late listening to Love Line on her bad ass boombox! Good times.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Thank you to my good friend of Things I Like To Eat for providing this to me! If you guys have not already joined her blog please do. She is a great writer, funny and sarcastic = amazing. I was honored to get the "Plastic Joy Award"! Don't ask who designed this award because I don't know. But I did play barbie's like this when no one was looking.

Once you receive this prestigious award you must name 5 characters (NOT the actual celeb) that you would like to provide some serious smooches to.

5. King Leonidas - I have never been the girl to like big muscle beef cake guys. However, I drooled throughout the movie 300 at Gerard Butler's amazing body. It helped to see his perfect booty and to hear his Scottish accent.

4. Indiana Jones - I have had a lot of crushes on movie/TV characters in my life but this has been the longest crush. I loved the Indiana Jones movies and seeing Harrison Ford's tall lean body and his cute side smile through out the series was enough to make a little girl go crazy. Even when he turned bad in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and was about to lower his girlfriend into lava - I still thought he was hot! Even though that movie scared the crap out of me and I wanted to close my eyes - I couldn't! He was just too hot and sweaty.

3. Richie Tenenbaum - I love Luke Wilson in general. His brother Andrew as "Future Man" in Bottle Rockets is also pretty hot. But Luke is just so cute and sweet. He won me over completely when he played Richie Tenenbaum in The Royal Tenenbaums. Who else can rock the 70's style better. Love the brown suit paired with sweatbands and dad style glasses. As you will see in my #1 smoocher I like guys who are in love with a tinge of obsession.

2. Patrick Bateman - Christian Bale is completely gorgeous to me. Patrick Bateman embodied a lot things that I look for in a man.

- Cares for his body and does masks to care for his clogged pores

- He loves the hits of the 80's

- He loves returning video tapes (I can't remember to return them. See we are a perfect match)

1. Jett Rink - I still have a picture of James Dean playing Jett Rink in the movie "Giant". This movie is one of my favorite movies. Jett Rink was a farm hand wanted a better life for himself. He was obsessed with Elizabeth Taylor (who wouldn't be) and was so intent on making a lot of money so she would notice him. He was alcoholic and loved her for the rest of his life. See I told you - I like weird guys.

The Impression That I Get - Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Ugh - I hate this song. I'm NOT going to link a video to YouTube so you can enjoy this song because I hate it. Don't get me wrong I have always been a fan of ska - however this band was NOT the bands I liked. I loved The Specials, English Beat, Selecter, The AquaBats, etc. I get irritated every time I hear this guy's raspy voice because I think of his dumb face. I just watched Step Brothers the other day and the movie ends with this lame song. However the movie is genius and I wish I woke up with "Boats and Hoes" in my head. I will link it so you can enjoy this. Mom don't click it - I know what you will say "that is offensive". Yes it is...but it is funny and it is better than the lame song I woke up with in my head.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Than A Feeling - Boston

Ok so I haven't posted in a few days because I have not had any morning music. I have had to work late the last few nights and I had trouble sleeping. No sleep = no music and grump attitude.

I have so many memories connected to Boston's More Than a Feeling it is ridiculous.

Driving around with my brother screaming this at the top of our lungs, playing Rock Band with the family and just killin' it, and too many more memories to list. This song was not only played in our house all the time but in my aunts and uncles houses as well. We all grew up listening to 70's rock and this song was I think topped the charts in my family. Every weekend when my parents, specifically my dad wanted us to get up he would play music - excuse me let me correct that - blast music so we would get up. Never worked for me because I could sleep through an earthquake as a kid (I really did). Let me explain a little more about how it was growing up not only for me but for my cousins as well. It was essential to have an amazing stereo system. My parents and my aunts and uncles on both sides of my family always had the best stereo systems. We could all live in a hell hole or live in rags but we had a rockin' stereo system! So yes every weekend my dad would get us up with blaring music and this song was always on the playlist. My dad would mix up the playlist as a kid but once I got into high school he pretty much had a standard Saturday/Sunday morning playlist.

One of these days I will share my dad's weekend playlist so stay tuned!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I Want You to Want Me: Cheap Trick

This weekend we went to visit a friend in El Segundo. After a yummy BBQ at their house we went to see a cover band at the Lighthouse Cafe' in Hermosa beach. One of the songs they covered was "I Want You to Want Me" by Cheap Trick. Thus the reason I woke up with it my head this morning.

However, I would say the experience I had in the girls bathroom is more blog worthy. If anyone can explain what the hell this means it would be great.

Ok, so I go into the girls bathroom and there are two stalls - normal right. I go into the stall and right after another girl walks in and goes into the other stall. I am in the stall doing my business and the girl in the next stall puts her flip-flopped foot in my stall. I thought, hmm...ok that is weird - but whatever, maybe she doesn't know her foot is in my stall. Then she slowly takes her finger and starts rubbing her toe nail! Over and over again - not her toe....her toenail!!! So I am freaked out and hurry up to get the hell out of there. I am moving at the speed of light to wash & dry my hands so I don't have to see this creepy toe rubber and then she bursts out of the stall with a big smile on her face! I almost screamed and I ran out of the bathroom. I'm sure she saw terror in my eyes!

So do you think I over reacted? Does anyone else in this world think it is weird that a woman puts her foot in another woman's stall and starts rubbing her toenail slowly with one finger!!!! Why does this crap happen to me!!!

5/23/10: Close Call - Rilo Kiley

Rilo Kiley's "Close Call" reminds me of my little sis Missy (aka: Freakshow) because she introduced me to this band. She has the song "Silver Lining" on her phone when you call her. We all have this thing in our family where we share the music we have been listening to. My husband and Missy always find the best music. So whenever we are all together they ask each other - "So what have you been listening to lately" or "Oh my god I have to show you this band!" Missy usually comes equipped with burned CDs for us or we send her on her way with the music Jason found. I feel so proud when I get to show them a cool band I found! Yes!!! I'm cool! nerd.

We have been sharing music since I can remember. When my sister Heather first got married she used to make me and my sister Tabi tapes with the music she was listening to. It was the greatest gifts! Missy a few years ago made each of us a personalized CD with songs that reminded her of each of us and some special songs she wanted to show us. She even made a CD cover with a picture of us together. I thought that was so sweet that she do that for each of us.

Music has been something that has been a healing salve for my family. There are many nights that I sit on Jason's lap when we are having a rough time and we just listen to music. I know that my lil' sis has listened to Rilo Kiley and the numerous other bands she has showed me to get her through her hard time. I'm missing my Missy.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Lucy Sue - Written/Produced/Performed by Me

About six months ago I finally convinced my husband to agree to get a puppy. So we went to Newbury Pet Store. This was recommended to me by two of my friends. This guy owns a pet store and for years has been rescuing dogs from the Bakersfield dog pounds. So we went on a Thursday night and checked out the dogs he brought back. There were two dogs that caught my eye at first and my husband said let's take the night to think about it. So Friday morning we headed back up there and I was trying to make a decision between the two dogs when my husband said, "Hey did you check out this puppy over here?" In fact I did and I let her lick my fingers but the dog next to her was a yapper so I walked away. So I looked at this cute face again and I asked if I could take her out. She was so excited and licked me to death! It was a match made in heaven! She was adorable! She was 3 months old and is a dachshund/chihuahua mix. So we chose her and I got to pick her up the next day.

Lucy Sue McGillacutty has changed our lives to the point we don't know what we did without her. I have always been a "cat" person because I had kitties that snuggled with me and I didn't think anything could be better. I didn't think I could have the best of both worlds. For example, Lucy is snuggled up next to me while I am writing this and every once in awhile giving my knee cap a lick. I guess it looks like it needs it. I also can train her to sit, lay down and stay which I could never do with my kitties. However, all my training goes out the window when she goes to grandma/grandpa's - she gets snacks for just being cute. She has been able to make us smile through some really difficult times I we love her so much!

So I made up a song for her. It just came to me. Here is why I make up songs. My dad used to make up songs ALL the time! During the summer when school was out we used to take turns going to work with my dad. He is a pool man. I have so many stories from those times it's ridiculous. But here is a little gem for you: My dad made up a song about Fritos to the tune of "Cielito Lindo". "Ay ay ay ay Chrystal loves Fritos corn chippers. She loves them she does, she loves them she does. She loves Fritos corn chippers". But of course insert any one of his children's names in that song. I thought it was hilarious. If we are ever at a place that has mariachi's my dad always requests that song and then says "hey Chrystal, sing along with me!" My dad is silly. I think that is one of the reasons I think my husband is hilarious - he makes up amazing songs. I'm sure they will make it up on here one day.

Anyways, I made up a song for Lucy based on the America the Beautiful song. "Your beautiful for Lucy Sue and you are snuggly too! You lick on me and bite on me...I think your crazy too!!!!!" I know...embarrassing right. So, this is the song I woke up singing.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

5/20/10: No More Lonely Nights: Paul McCartney

I actually do know why I woke up with this song in my head. On Monday I went to one of my favorite SF Valley eateries – The Pizza Cookery. By the way, their garlic rolls are amazing! Anyways I was inhaling one of their amazing garlic rolls and adding butter to every bite (you can’t not) while “No More Lonely Nights” came on. I said to my friend, “Awe, this song always reminds me of my Aunt Mo.” She said, “Who is it?” I almost choked on my garlic roll and said “Hello! Paul McCartney!” Then I have to remind myself that not everyone was raised like me. My mom used to have a game for us when were driving somewhere, “Name that artist”. We had to name the artist preferably before they started singing. Most of the time I sucked at this game. I knew all the words to the songs but never could remember who the artist was. I mean, I knew the staples in my family – The Beatles, CCR (Creedance Clearwater Revival), Steve Miller, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, the “Coug” (John Cougar Mellencamp). But my mom liked to throw out some obscure songs that we have heard of but most likely didn’t know who sang them. Hi mom, I’ve 7 years old how I am supposed to remember this is a Steely Dan song. I think it was an excuse for all of us to shut the hell up in the car.

So this song reminds me of my Aunt Melissa, or Aunt Mo, or just Mo. My Aunt Mo was my fun and silly aunt. When we lived in Kansas she would take us across this creek (I remembered it as a river) for picnics. The neighbor across the way had a crazy horse and I remember one time she took us across the way and the horse went nuts and started to charge us. Just imagine a bunch of little girls screaming bloody murder and my aunt dragging a 3 year old by her arm (me) through the creek to get away. Good times. She also was the aunt that would think it was funny to punch us in the leg to give us “dead leg”. I remember telling her “I’m 5! I’m too little!” She would just laugh. But hey those are funny memories to me. She also used to let me sit on her lap and drive her little Toyota truck on the freeway at night. It was awesome! Anyways, she used to have slumber parties for all of her nieces. She had games for us to play the entire weekend. One particular slumber party she had was right after she got married. She just got a video camera so she would shoot us dancing and doing skits. She will kill me for saying this but she had us shoot her lip-synching to songs for her new hubby, Don. We called him “Dunkle Don”. She did two songs that I remember – one “You Better Be Good To Me” by Tina Turner (that album was like the sound track for that weekend) and “No More Lonely Nights” by Paul McCartney. She was all decked out in brown corduroys a brown plaid shirt and puffy brown vest (the Back to the Future kind). It was awesome! I think we kids all have a great sense of humor and can laugh because we were allowed to be silly and things were not taken so seriously. When we all get together we always end up talking about that slumber party and how much fun it was and then end up making fun of Aunt Mo for the lip-syncing…I think it is just getting her back for all the “dead legs”.

5/19/10: Your the One that I Want - GREASE

You can’t have this song in your head without wanting to do the little hip dance! I think this movie is another movie like Dirty Dancing – girls just love it! My good friend actually told me and another one of our friends a few months ago that she hates Dirty Dancing and we both said “WHAT!” I’m still shocked. By the way if you are near the LA area, the Hollywood Bowl has movies they play during the summer months. One of them is Grease and another favorite is Sound of Music. Basically it is one big sing-a-long fest! People get into it and dress up and everything. Now I have the Disney Sing-a-long song in my head. Good times. Not sure if anyone used to watch those but they were awesome. I’m irritated with the new Sing-a-long videos because they changed the intro song. Lame.

Ok onto an embarrassing story. When I was 14 we moved from LA (SF Valley) up to Santa Maria. It was a big change for us. Especially for my sister who is 2 years older than me. She was moving in the middle of her high school years. But looking back at it – it was a great thing to experience. We were used to living in a place that really did not have a sense of community and you really needed to be careful if you were walking to the corner market. “Do not cross Topanga to go to Thrifty’s!” my Dad used to say – which sucked in the summer time when we wondered where the hell the ice cream man was. Santa Maria was a small town where there was always a party or a BBQ happening and you could feel safe walking across town to your friend’s house. Of course we had to act like it wasn’t cool to live in a small town and told everyone how much cooler LA was. We were such bad asses. But in reality spending those years in Santa Maria was awesome. I met some of the greatest people who I am still close to.

So one summer we heard that there was a big party being planned and there was going to be a talent show. So some of my friends and I decided we wanted to do a montage of music down the years (50’s, 60’s, 70’s). We did costume changes and everything. By the way this is also during the time where you had to piece the songs together on a blank tape – thank god I didn’t have to do that. I don’t have the patience for that. I can’t remember all the songs we did but here are the ones I remember – Yakety-Yak, Respect, Staying Alive and we ended the great musical dance montage with You’re the One that I Want. We had 4 girls and 3 boys in this production-I loved that these guys did this! Their parts made the show! I’ve heard that there is a video of our show and I definitely don’t want to see it because the production I remember in my mind I’m sure is way better than reality.

5/18/10: Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

Ok so this is a bad start to my blog. I got up to check my email and facebook this morning and it changed my morning music! Now because my sister posted a video of these guys in Oregon University doing Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance – I guess this is the song that is now stuck in my head. But like I said. I always have good stories/memories related to songs.

So a few weeks ago my sister had to go to Palm Springs for work. I agreed to watch her girls. She has two very sweet, adorable and hilarious little girls. The oldest is 5 and youngest is 3. On the way down to my house I put on Lady Gaga for them because they LOVE to sing to her songs! So all the way down to my house I realized that my 3-year-old niece knew every single word to Paparazzi and looked completely adorable singing. I had to play it 3 times because I couldn’t get enough. My 5-year-old niece likes to be dramatic with her face while singing. She really gets into it. This is the girl who I swear can watch a movie one time and can quote the movie. Ridiculous. Anyways my favorite quotes from the girls were the following:

1. My 3-year-old niece was talking in her sleep and said “No! I don’t like baby eggs!” What the heck was she dreaming about!

2. We took the girls out to lunch with my husbands work friend who recently had a baby. My 5-year-old niece said to her husband “I like your hair, but I don’t like your attitude.” It was hilarious!

I love watching my nieces grow up and see their little personalities come out. It is good to see that we are building music memories together as well.

Morning Music

I’m sure I cannot be the only one in the world that wakes up with music or a specific song in my head. For a long time now I have been thinking I should write down the songs that I wake up with so I can laugh about it later or so that I don’t forget. I guess it is like people who write down their dreams so they don’t forget. I have always loved music. I don’t play an instrument but tried to play the piano as a kid. I hated my teacher and I have a problem with following through on things. I grew up in a house that always had music playing, sometimes in all rooms of the house. I come from a big family – not Duggar’s style – but I am the middle of 5 children. I know I know – ugh the middle child. But my mom says I’m a unique middle child because I was the baby of the family for a while – then the middle child – then the oldest for a while. So I’m definitely all over the place and if you are a close friend or family you know how true that statement is for me.

Anyways, back to music. Not only was music always playing at our house, it was always playing at my both of my grandparents houses. I have the greatest memories of my grandpa (my mom’s Dad) watering his roses in his short shorts, a white t-shirt and flip flops dancing around to Frank Sinatra blaring in their backyard. All the while my grandma in her cute summer time bathing suit cover up getting us kids drinks, snacks and whatever we wanted. We also used to go to the beach every Monday with my other grandparents (my Dad’s parents) during the summer and we would all sing a long to the music that Tutu (grandma in Hawaiian) chose. Her favorite was Patsy Cline. We would all pile in the “Pickle” or the “Little Red Wagon” (their two VW buses) and sing all the way to the beach. Tutu in her fully color coordinated outfit – bathing suit, visor, flip-flops, towel – right down to her ice water cup all matching! My grandpa in his white V-neck t-shirt and coordinated shorts to whatever Tutu was wearing. Don’t even get me started on how she made us all match. My eye is twitching now!

All these memories have music tied to it. I have always realized that a lot of my memories even down to today have music tied to it. So most of the time when I wake up with a song in my head I think – why the heck did I wake up with that song in my head! I will sing it in my head for half the day and think about what it reminds me of. So this is why I’m starting this blog – to write down the music memories or just funny stories of friends, my family & me, or just to entertain you with the weird songs that I wake up with.

I hope you enjoy.