Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Michelle - The Beatles

This song always reminds me of me Ma. One memory in particular is us painting together in her 'artist studio' in the backyard. I like to think of my mom as a controlled free spirit. She is very grounded in her beliefs and sometimes was even stricter than my dad - but in everything else was kind of a go with the flow of her feelings kind of person. My mom and I had a hard time getting along - most of the time she irritated the crap out of me and I'm sure with me rolling my eyes at her all the time - I irritated her too. But my mom really tried to connect with me. She would really look for ways where we could enjoy each others company. She knew I loved watching ice skating on TV so she got tickets for us to go see Christie Yamaguchi perform and we spent the whole day together. It was awesome. Another time was what I mentioned above - painting with her in her studio.

When we lived in the valley we had a huge backyard and the side yard near my parents bedroom was a shed/studio. My mom jumped at the chance to use this space as an artist studio. My mom starting painting when we lived in Kansas and hasn't stopped since. She would paint scenes on canvas, huge saw blades, old milk cans and stuff. She asked me one day if I wanted to come and paint with her. I of course trying to be difficult said, "I don't know how." She just smiled and said, "I will teach you - come on!" She set me up next to her and gave me something to paint - a little gray & pink stuffed animal mouse in an antique silver champagne glass. She taught me not to look at my canvas when drawing - look at the mouse and glass - follow the lines with your eyes and your pencil will draw it. I was blown away that it worked! I looked down at my canvas and saw that I drew a mouse in a glass! Then she set me up with paints and I was good to go!

We sat there painting and listening to music. We listened to mixed tapes my mom had that of course had The Beatles sprinkled in here and there. She would come over and check out my painting ever so often and kept giving me confidence that I was doing good. These were moments for my mom and I to connect and I appreciated so much for her doing that for us. Even though we had some rough points in our relationship these little moments we had always smoothed them over.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Music

Saturday morning was The Bird and the Bee song "Polite Dance". I first heard this song a few years ago from my lil sis Missy when we went to Hawaii. We drove around in our PT cruiser we called Pete sharing music we were listening to.

Saturday night my friend came over and we had a girls night. My friend is getting married and she needed ideas on hair and make up. She is a strictly eye liner and chap stick kind of girl so I needed to help branch her out to the foundation/blush/lipstick world. She looked gorgeous if I do say so myself. Here is another little something a
bout me - I love make up. My friend walked into my bathroom one time and said "Oh my god you are a product junkie!" It's true - especially with make up. I always loved watching my mom put on make up. I became obsessed when I was 11 years old watching my sister Heather get ready. She wore black liquid eyeliner and I loved watching her putting it on because of her technique. She would rest her hand on her jaw bone to help get her line perfect - it was amazing to me and I still use this technique today. Who knew that years later my sister would come to me to do her make up for special occasions when her black eyeliner inspired me!

Sunday morning I woke up with California Girlz by Katy Perry. Stop laughing. Katy Perry taps into my girlie side of me. I saw her open up for No Doubt and she had the cutest outfits and there were strawberry decorations everywhere! Loved it! This video is her in CandyLand. This was my all time favorite game as a kid. I would just stare at it forever wishing I lived in CandyLand. I loved everything about this game - the pictures that told a story or actually what my imagination came up with, the gingerbread men (I was always the red one), and of course my favorite - Princess Lolly! Her curly pink hair, violet eyes with long thick eyelashes - I wanted to be her! I would come up with stories that Lord Licorice and Molasses Swap were the bad guys and Princess Lolly was always the one that saved the day.

Funny story about Sunday. My cousin was watching her niece Jiselle and she wanted to come to my house and swim. Jason told Jiselle she could come over only if he could throw her in the pool. You should have seen her eyes light up - she was so excited. So we go outside and the cautious husband that I have asks her and us a billion times "You sure you can swim?" before throwing her in the pool. He throws her in and she is hooked - she has him throw her in over and over. My cousin's husband Adam decides it is his turn to throw her in. I don't know why but I just thought it was a bad idea and I wasn't the only one. My worry wart husband says not only once to Adam, but multiple times "Adam, now throw her in the pool - not over the pool". Again Jason says - "Adam I'm not sure you know your strength dude - be careful!" I swear to god if Jason and I ever have kids we will end up having either Bubble Boy or Amelie.
Adam takes a hold of Jiselle and throws her up and by the time she returned to earth her body was laying flat and she belly flopped on the water. It was such a loud smack that all of us screamed! Poor baby was blinking her eyes and you could see the pain in the them. She tried to take it like a champ and say it didn't hurt but she did NOT want to be thrown in again.

Shockingly, after the belly flop she wanted to go in the house. I turned on cartoons for her and Yo Gabba Gabba was on. So to make her happy I danced with her. I'm such a sucker. Yo Gabba Gabba creators are from a band I loved in high school, the AquaBats. I still love their silly songs so it was no problem for me to dance to the songs. One of my favorite songs from The AquaBats is 'The Cat with Two Heads'. The main reason for that was because of my lil' sis Missy. This song always made her laugh hysterically because the cat screeching in the background. I'm picking her up tomorrow from the airport. Guess what song I will have queued up for her!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

This Charming Man - The Smiths

This song always reminds me of the first time I got to have my own room. If you are from a big family you know how exciting it is when you get a space of your own. Being the middle of 5 children I never had a problem sharing. I mean just imagine 5 kids and one bathroom. Maybe because I grew up with everyone all up in my grill and didn't know any better, but I was perfectly happy with my little edge of the mirror getting ready for school.

When my sister Tabi moved out I was sad that she was moving away but so excited to finally get my own room. In our old house we had an interesting set up. We had a 4 bedroom house but one of the bedrooms was what my parents called the maid or nuns quarter. It was off one of the bedrooms and was very tiny. The roof slanted down so in some parts you couldn't stand up all the way, which really was not a problem for me because I could fit in it more than the rest of my family being the midget that I am. You may ask yourself - why would anyone CHOOSE the smallest bedroom in the house? Let me explain:

1. You could hear my mom & dad coming so you could hurry up and hang up the phone with the boy you were not allowed to talk to.
2. It was like a little cave and felt away from the rest of the house
3. It didn't matter - I finally had my own room!

I remember the first week I got my own bedroom I woke up in the morning and I went out in service and came home so excited to clean my room. Don't choke. I know, can you believe I actually wanted to clean!! I walked into my room put my Smiths Volume I album on (the one with the picture from East of Eden) and started to dance, sing and clean around my own room! This Charming Man was the first song. I did this many mornings when I throw on that CD and my BFF Jodie and I would get ready for whatever we were going to do that day.

Aww - remember when simple things like getting your own room made you happy! Good times.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Party Train - The Gap Band

For the past month Jason and I have started a tradition that started shortly after moving back to the valley - Margarita Mondays! We have switched it up from Sol la Luna to good ol' El Torito. Last night we headed over to El Torito where I basically just eat chips and salsa for dinner with a chicken soft taco ala carte for dessert. Every once in awhile I switch it up with a chicken tamale - I am so adventurous. You would think that El Torito would have some Mexican songs playing to really get you in the mood to eat some Mexican food but no, they had an 80's channel on. We got to hear Erasure, Simple Minds, The Stray Cats and The Gap Band.

I grew up listening and loving The Gap Band. We used to listen to 'You Dropped the Bomb on Me', all the time. I always thought the video was rad - wow those crazy colors were something a 5 year old had never seen! Ah, remember the days when MTV used to play videos. Another one of their great songs was Party Train. I always loved this song and I remember telling my sister Heather that I it was my favorite Gap Band song and she just smiled at me and said, "It's Dad's favorite too." My dad was never the one to bust a move on the dance floor to his favorite songs because he was too embarrassed. But as we all got older he got over his embarrassment and wanted to have fun with us. I remember at my best friend Jodie's wedding, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun came on and my sisters and I were dancing. My dad came and danced with us and said 'I'm sick of being embarrassed - I'm 50 years old and I'm dancing!' He is so cute!

At my little sisters wedding she played this song and it was so awesome to see my dad out there dancing to this song with my mom.

Now I have never seen this video before today. It is now my favorite video. It has everything you need - soul glow, man in speedos, cheeseburger Eddie, boogaloo shrimp moves, a trojan warrior, high cut 80's bikinis, village people look-a-likes, roller skating and a man with a huge beard. LOVE IT!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Shame - Avett Brothers

I have woke up with this song in my head for the past few days now. I heard this song last year from my friend Susan. Her friend/boyfriend/confused boy showed her this song when he wanted to say he was sorry. She came into my office and said listen to this song - I think he is trying to say he is sorry. Many mornings we would sit and talk about our crazy families and boys. It makes me miss the days when our office actually had people in it. Now I pretty much work from home and only go into the office a few times a week because there is no one there to talk to. Sasha and I try and coordinate when we go into the office and where we will eat for lunch so it won't feel like a waste going in.

My lil sister went to see the Avett Brothers a few months ago and got to take some pictures with them. I think I spotted a little drool in the corner of her mouth - she loves them!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bad Boys - COPS Theme song

Yesterday I was going to take Lucy for a walk but then I decided to take her to the dog park. It is not technically a dog park but people pretty much made it into that. However, there are signs everywhere saying you need to have your dog on a leash and pretty much no one does. So, there I am sitting on a park bench enjoying the summer day with Lucy by my feet watching dogs run around chatting with another dog owner. By the way, why do I only remember the dog names and not the owners name? The dog's name was Cooper. Oh well.

So all of the sudden I hear people screaming for their dogs and people running around like crazy. So I put Lucy on my lap because I think it is a mountain lion or coyotes or something that are about to attack the dogs (I know I'm drama). I look over and there are two park ranger cars driving full blast through the park with their sirens on towards us. People are scrambling like roaches in the light to get their dogs on the leash. Lucy and I just watch in amazement while the following occurs.

The first car drives toward a big group of people trying to put their dogs on a leash and start giving out tickets. The tickets are $150 per dog that are not on a leash. The other car (a van) starts driving after a guy and his dog who are running full blast toward the parking lot. The passenger of the van jumps out and starts running after this guy. The van then starts to drive after the guy through the park and then realizes it will try and beat him to the parking lot. The van proceeds to do donuts in the park to turn around and get to the parking lot. There is dirt and grass flying everywhere while the van is weaving in and out of the trees! I mean it was like they were going after a murderer. By the way there is a playground right by here and people often sleep under the trees for afternoon naps in this park where this van decided to go ape shit. It was like watching a mixture between COPS and Reno 911. It was amazing and way over the top!

I'm waiting for the next reality show on TLC or A&E - "The Park Rangers of Serrania Park". They mean serious business.

My friend said that they family that I yelled at a week ago there probably called the rangers to complain. Let me explain a bit. Umm, there are times in my life that I get irritated at dumb people - children included - and I feel the need to tell them exactly what is on my mind. I took Lucy to the park about a week ago and once we got there she did her business. Now mind you, there are doggie poop bags at the park. While Lucy was doing her business this family at a picnic bench is watching Lucy (weirdos) and the mom says "Let's see if she picks up after her dog." My blood starts to boil. I then start to walk to the bag holder so I can pick up her 1 inch turd and the 9 year old child proceeds to yell "Pick up after your dog!" Anger took over and I said "I'm going to get a baggie! Mind your god damn business and shut the hell up!" The family just stared while the mother continued to blather on about me. I then said "You are raising little assholes like yourself!" Sometimes I feel like I have a problem, but other times I feel like I don't because she did not say one word after that.

So it may or may not be my fault for the shake down at Serrania park but it was really entertaining and I sang Bad Boys on the way home.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What A Crying Shame - The Mavericks

I got a text from my sister Heather yesterday laughing about this song. She said she just downloaded a song that my dad would blast is his truck. Not just any truck - his new black truck! A little something about my dad - he is very particular about his trucks. He is a Toyota man now for his work trucks but he used to be a Chevy truck man. He still chooses Chevy to pull the trailer for camping trips. Now, here it what you need for your Chevy truck:

1. Cragars
2. Lift the back of the truck higher so when you have your equipment in the back your truck will be perfectly straight and even out - no sagging trucks in this family!
3. Good stereo
4. Always washed and clean with rims shiny

Anyways, my sister said "You have to listen to it. It's so dad! I think you'll laugh when you imagine dad rockin' out to it!"

I haven't heard this song in such a long time - but it is so my dad! My dad loves country and even though all of us try to hide it - we do too! My mom always would blast her music in the car and it didn't matter what song it was. But we always knew when my dad really liked a song because he would play it a lot and play it loud. It was really cute. We used to look at each other and smile while in the car because we knew my dad was quietly rockin' out.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Empire State of Mind - Jay Z & Alicia Keys

On Saturday night I went with my girlfriends to see Sex in the City 2. Yawn...Boring!!! The best thing about that movie was the clothes. Wait only some of the clothes. There was the good, the bad and the spikey metal shoulder pads. It was like a long fashion show. There was no story and so many parts that were bad I was embarrassed the people in the movie. Actually there was a part in the movie I liked - when Liza Minelli sang "Single Ladies". I have a soft spot for Liza because of Judy Garland and Arrested Development. Oh and because she beat the crap out of her husband - I mean you don't get to hear that everyday.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Gary Indiana - The Music Man

My grandparents (on my mom's side) loved musicals. So I grew up knowing all the songs to all movie musicals. Last year I went to Kauai and could not stop singing "Bali Hai" from "South Pacific". When we were kids my grandma lived a few hours away and it was always a treat to go and visit her. Here was the itinerary for the trip and you tell me you don't want to go stay with her.

- Go to the market and get whatever treats you want.
- Have popcorn and ice cream sundaes with as much chocolate syrup as you wanted.
- Getting the softest blanket ever and snuggling with Grandma on the couch.
- Watching old movies or musicals whilst snuggling.

One of the favorites was The Music Man. I loved seeing Opie from The Andy Griffith show (one of my Dad's favorite shows) sing a song. I don't think anyone from my family can hear Gary, Indiana without singing this song. When Michael Jackson died they were talking about where he was born - Gary, Indiana - and...immediately singing the song.
When we moved to Santa Maria we were finally living close to my grandparents. So, my Grandma started a Friday night movie night for all of us girls. She would pick an old movie for us to watch and supplied all the sodas, popcorn and ice cream required. She also didn't want any of the other girls our age to feel left out of this fun time so she would invite our friends and other girls in our congregation. At first I was thinking - hey back off girls - this is MY Grandma! But then I realized how nice my Grandma was being and I thought it was cool of her to do that. So this is what I did on Friday night. I curled up in a snuggly soft blanket (which I later kicked off because it was too friggin hot) and watched The Music Man. Made me think of my Grandma and how much I missed her.

The songs in this musical are funny and stick in your head. Over the weekend my puppy was doin' her business outside and I started singing "ShiPoopi" to her. But of course after a bit I changed the lyrics to 'Sue poopi-ed Sue poopi-ed". I feel like my Dad most of the time laughing at my own jokes. Good times.

Friday, June 4, 2010

My Can't Buy You Class - Countess Dipshit

Another one of my embarrassing things that my husband hates is I love watching train wrecks which is Reality TV. I can't help it. So I watched the Season Finale to The Real Housewives of New York last night to the point when "The Countess" released her hit song "Money Can't Buy You Class". It is so horrible I will not even link it. So of course I woke up with this horrible song in my head. Why is it that the worst songs take FOREVER to get out of your head! But I will say my friend and fellow blogger helped me today by posting this gem in her blog. I mean if we are talking "Class" - I believe this drummer has got it! Thanks Sash!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How Soon is Now? - The Smiths

I grew up with two older sisters so I always had a strong love of 80's music. My sister was always playing Depeche Mode (our favorite band), Erasure, The Smiths, The Cure, etc. When I was in high school up in Santa Maria we had a lot of friends that played music and had their own little cover bands. Our friend Tim had a great voice and sang all the old U2 songs. We used to go to a lot of parties where the bands would play. I remember going to a party at my friend Skeeter's house where this band played. We knew the drummer really well because he was in love with my sister. But my sister had eyes for the singer. I remember her saying "That's Jamie". All the girls liked him because he played guitar and sang Cure and Smiths songs. She went up and introduced herself and we took pictures together like he was a celebrity. I was happy for my sister because it was the first time I really saw her like someone - she had the Eye of the Tiger for Jamie! She had a lot of guys chasing after her because she was so pretty. I thought Jamie was cool cause he had a Marilyn Monroe shirt on. Here we are - I'm the shorty in the front.

My sister will probably kill me for putting this picture up - but hey it's a good story. Her and Jamie have been married for 12 years and have 2 beautiful baby girls.

I'm uploading this video because Morrissey stole my dance moves.

5/31/10: No One is Gonna Love You - Band of Horses

I love this song. When I first heard this song I knew my boy would love it too. Every once in awhile we spend an evening just listening to music. He plays his favorite songs and I play mine. I know this will be included in the next one of those evenings. Enjoy.