Wednesday, September 1, 2010

American Girls - Counting Crows

I've never been a huge fan of the Counting Crows and I try to hide the fact they I do like some of there songs. One song that I like and I heard this weekend was American Girls. I think what makes the song is Sheryl Crow singing back up with him. I actually never knew she sang with him on this song but my friend Cliff informed me of this when we heard it this weekend.

We actually went to go hear his band 'Out in the Woods' play on Monday night. He plays with a couple of Jason's old buddies. It's funny because when I first met Cliff and his brother Charlie I think they were 15 and 17 years old. When I started to date Jason it was basically me and the boys. I had moved down south and didn't have a lot of friends so they accepted me as one of their buddies. I made Cliff be my honorary girlfriend and he still is down to this day. It is nice to see him all grown up and doing what he loves.

He was a little nervous before the show - so I had to give him some hugs.
Here is Cliff and Ron playing. Since it was a small venue they decided to only have them two play. Click here to check out their songs on FB.

So onto my morning music - American Girls.


  1. thanks so much for coming to the show chrys!! and taking all those cool pictures. counting crows is one of my biggest influences!! great pick!!

  2. next time I will bring a better camera! :)