Monday, September 6, 2010

Causing A Scene - Ghostland Observatory

My obsession is back for Ghostland!  This weekend I woke up with 2 different Ghostland songs in my head.  Let's dance people!

This weekend we tried a new restaurant in our neighborhood called Haldi Root.  Amazing Indian food!!  Seriously everything we had was amazing.  I'm not the sort of girl who finishes her plate because I don't like the feeling of being full so I only eat until my tummy feels good.  I stuffed myself with this food.  We started out with an appetizer called Chicken 65 - deelish!  It was spicy chicken with peppers and red onion mixed with a spicy sauce.  I'm still dreaming about it.

For dinner I had Chicken Lasooni which is garlic chicken on a bed of white & red onions and I paired it with saffron rice and garlic naan.  I was in complete food heaven!  Jason had another chicken dish and I can't remember the name and it was good - but mine was better!

They had two belly dancers there for entertainment - which was fine - but the owners 4 year old daughter was the one who stole the show.  She wanted to be out there with the belly dancers as well so she copied all of their moves and when they dropped their little shawl thingy she picked it up and did her own moves.  She was adorable.

We had Chocolate Samosas and homemade pistachio ice cream for dessert.  No pictures for the desserts because we inhaled them.  The chocolate samosas where like chocolate filled wanton's - I actually said that at the restaurant and Jason just gave me the look of 'come on Chrystal - did you really just say that out loud'.  Well - they are!  The pistachio ice cream was pretty good - not as good as the chocolate samosas though.  Basically - you can see how happy I was the whole evening by this picture.

My friend told me next time to try the Olive naan bread.  I love green olives so I think I might want to go back tonight and stuff my face again!  By the way the guy sitting next to me in the picture was by himself and was basically staring and listening to our conversation the whole time - which basically consisted of how friggin' good the food was - but I kind of felt bad for him so I tried to strike up a conversation and invited him to eat with us.  He seemed offended and did not want to carry on a conversation - oh well so much for trying to be nice!

Let's carry on with my other obsession - Ghostland Observatory!  This one is called 'Shoot 'Em Down'!  Enjoy!

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