Thursday, September 2, 2010

Silver City - Ghostland Obsertavory

Last night I drove over to my friends house for a BBQ and I was listening to this song. It was a warm summer night, I had my window down driving listening to a great song. I love summer nights in the valley.

A few years ago Jason and I worked together on a kids movie. It was my first time working on a film and I was nervous - not only because it was my first time working on a movie - but I was going to be working with my husband. I was scared we would want to kill each other by the end of the project. Surprisingly we had so much fun working together and it was sad when the project was over. We actually became closer during that time. I don't recommend that for every couple - but it was nice to know that we enjoyed each other's company even at work. Everyday we would drive down to Hollywood listening to Ghostland Observatory - we both were obsessed with this band.

I love the singer of this band because I love his style - I believe he is 100% American Indian and wears his hair like one. He wears hippie clothes and has two long black braids on either side of his head - love it! Maybe because I have a little Indian in my heritage is why I love him - but ask most Americans - they will say they have some Indian in them as well. My grandpa used to tell me I had small Indian eyes like him. So I liked to think I was more Indian then the rest of my sisters and brother (NERD) and when my cousin had a Disney character party I came as Tiger Lily from Peter Pan because it was the natural choice. I wish I had a picture of that but...I will just show you a picture of the band.

I couldn't find a better YouTube video with this song. Oh well - Enjoy the song!

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