Monday, September 6, 2010

Quiet Little Voices - We Were Promised Jetpacks

Love the band name - love the song.

Jason and I heard this song a couple of times this weekend.  One of the times we were headed to go see a friend that just came back into town.  She moved back to Texas to start up a restaurant.  She is so funny - she moves back to El Paso and is already guest hosting a radio show every few weeks, raising funds to save an old mission, and is participating in city council meetings.  Who does this?  Only Maya.  If you are interested in hearing her guest host - she is on the "The Lisa D Show" on KHRO 1150 AM and you can stream it live on

I also heard this song before I went up north to see The Dark Crystal with my family.  At the Mann theatres in Oxnard and in Agoura they show old movies - I'm not sure if they do it at all of them.  The movies are every Thursday and they only cost $6.  My sister Tabi told us all about it and we have all loved the movie The Dark Crystal so we decided to make it a family evening.  Of course because I'm a total geek I loved this movie a lot more because it had my name in it.  Anyways the movie friggin' rocks!  It is a Jim Hensen and Frank Oz movie and I love it so much I even like watching 'the making of The Dark Crystal'.  It is pretty amazing.

It was great to see it with my niece Addy and all of my family.  We laughed at all the parts we quote all the time.  Addy was trying to talk to the animals like Keira was in the movie - it was hilarious.  It was funny to see her laughing at the parts we did as kids too.  Towards the end of the movie Addy snuggled up next to me, put her arm around my neck and her head on my shoulder.  She is so sweet and I will always remember that night.

Oh yeah - Aughra - she is hot!!  Jason didn't want to see this movie because he said it was terrifying and would probably give him nightmares.  I will say some of the parts are still pretty scary.
I will leave you with another band that kicks ass!!  The Podlings!  Watch it I promise - you won't be disappointed.

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  1. Love that you posted the Podling music! Awesome! :} Good times!