Monday, June 7, 2010

Gary Indiana - The Music Man

My grandparents (on my mom's side) loved musicals. So I grew up knowing all the songs to all movie musicals. Last year I went to Kauai and could not stop singing "Bali Hai" from "South Pacific". When we were kids my grandma lived a few hours away and it was always a treat to go and visit her. Here was the itinerary for the trip and you tell me you don't want to go stay with her.

- Go to the market and get whatever treats you want.
- Have popcorn and ice cream sundaes with as much chocolate syrup as you wanted.
- Getting the softest blanket ever and snuggling with Grandma on the couch.
- Watching old movies or musicals whilst snuggling.

One of the favorites was The Music Man. I loved seeing Opie from The Andy Griffith show (one of my Dad's favorite shows) sing a song. I don't think anyone from my family can hear Gary, Indiana without singing this song. When Michael Jackson died they were talking about where he was born - Gary, Indiana - and...immediately singing the song.
When we moved to Santa Maria we were finally living close to my grandparents. So, my Grandma started a Friday night movie night for all of us girls. She would pick an old movie for us to watch and supplied all the sodas, popcorn and ice cream required. She also didn't want any of the other girls our age to feel left out of this fun time so she would invite our friends and other girls in our congregation. At first I was thinking - hey back off girls - this is MY Grandma! But then I realized how nice my Grandma was being and I thought it was cool of her to do that. So this is what I did on Friday night. I curled up in a snuggly soft blanket (which I later kicked off because it was too friggin hot) and watched The Music Man. Made me think of my Grandma and how much I missed her.

The songs in this musical are funny and stick in your head. Over the weekend my puppy was doin' her business outside and I started singing "ShiPoopi" to her. But of course after a bit I changed the lyrics to 'Sue poopi-ed Sue poopi-ed". I feel like my Dad most of the time laughing at my own jokes. Good times.

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  1. You have an amazing memory...I don't remember the movie sad is that? Keep em up, I love these! :}