Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Party Train - The Gap Band

For the past month Jason and I have started a tradition that started shortly after moving back to the valley - Margarita Mondays! We have switched it up from Sol la Luna to good ol' El Torito. Last night we headed over to El Torito where I basically just eat chips and salsa for dinner with a chicken soft taco ala carte for dessert. Every once in awhile I switch it up with a chicken tamale - I am so adventurous. You would think that El Torito would have some Mexican songs playing to really get you in the mood to eat some Mexican food but no, they had an 80's channel on. We got to hear Erasure, Simple Minds, The Stray Cats and The Gap Band.

I grew up listening and loving The Gap Band. We used to listen to 'You Dropped the Bomb on Me'...baby, all the time. I always thought the video was rad - wow those crazy colors were something a 5 year old had never seen! Ah, remember the days when MTV used to play videos. Another one of their great songs was Party Train. I always loved this song and I remember telling my sister Heather that I it was my favorite Gap Band song and she just smiled at me and said, "It's Dad's favorite too." My dad was never the one to bust a move on the dance floor to his favorite songs because he was too embarrassed. But as we all got older he got over his embarrassment and wanted to have fun with us. I remember at my best friend Jodie's wedding, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun came on and my sisters and I were dancing. My dad came and danced with us and said 'I'm sick of being embarrassed - I'm 50 years old and I'm dancing!' He is so cute!

At my little sisters wedding she played this song and it was so awesome to see my dad out there dancing to this song with my mom.

Now I have never seen this video before today. It is now my favorite video. It has everything you need - soul glow, man in speedos, cheeseburger Eddie, boogaloo shrimp moves, a trojan warrior, high cut 80's bikinis, village people look-a-likes, roller skating and a man with a huge beard. LOVE IT!

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  1. omgggggggggg, i got chills right when i saw the title of this entry. i LOVE this song and keith and i always sing it on our way to vegas because one of the slot machines we like is called The Monopoly Party Train and when you get a bonus round THEY PLAY THIS SONG.

    looooove it.