Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What A Crying Shame - The Mavericks

I got a text from my sister Heather yesterday laughing about this song. She said she just downloaded a song that my dad would blast is his truck. Not just any truck - his new black truck! A little something about my dad - he is very particular about his trucks. He is a Toyota man now for his work trucks but he used to be a Chevy truck man. He still chooses Chevy to pull the trailer for camping trips. Now, here it what you need for your Chevy truck:

1. Cragars
2. Lift the back of the truck higher so when you have your equipment in the back your truck will be perfectly straight and even out - no sagging trucks in this family!
3. Good stereo
4. Always washed and clean with rims shiny

Anyways, my sister said "You have to listen to it. It's so dad! I think you'll laugh when you imagine dad rockin' out to it!"

I haven't heard this song in such a long time - but it is so my dad! My dad loves country and even though all of us try to hide it - we do too! My mom always would blast her music in the car and it didn't matter what song it was. But we always knew when my dad really liked a song because he would play it a lot and play it loud. It was really cute. We used to look at each other and smile while in the car because we knew my dad was quietly rockin' out.

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