Monday, June 21, 2010

Shame - Avett Brothers

I have woke up with this song in my head for the past few days now. I heard this song last year from my friend Susan. Her friend/boyfriend/confused boy showed her this song when he wanted to say he was sorry. She came into my office and said listen to this song - I think he is trying to say he is sorry. Many mornings we would sit and talk about our crazy families and boys. It makes me miss the days when our office actually had people in it. Now I pretty much work from home and only go into the office a few times a week because there is no one there to talk to. Sasha and I try and coordinate when we go into the office and where we will eat for lunch so it won't feel like a waste going in.

My lil sister went to see the Avett Brothers a few months ago and got to take some pictures with them. I think I spotted a little drool in the corner of her mouth - she loves them!

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