Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Music

Saturday morning was The Bird and the Bee song "Polite Dance". I first heard this song a few years ago from my lil sis Missy when we went to Hawaii. We drove around in our PT cruiser we called Pete sharing music we were listening to.

Saturday night my friend came over and we had a girls night. My friend is getting married and she needed ideas on hair and make up. She is a strictly eye liner and chap stick kind of girl so I needed to help branch her out to the foundation/blush/lipstick world. She looked gorgeous if I do say so myself. Here is another little something a
bout me - I love make up. My friend walked into my bathroom one time and said "Oh my god you are a product junkie!" It's true - especially with make up. I always loved watching my mom put on make up. I became obsessed when I was 11 years old watching my sister Heather get ready. She wore black liquid eyeliner and I loved watching her putting it on because of her technique. She would rest her hand on her jaw bone to help get her line perfect - it was amazing to me and I still use this technique today. Who knew that years later my sister would come to me to do her make up for special occasions when her black eyeliner inspired me!

Sunday morning I woke up with California Girlz by Katy Perry. Stop laughing. Katy Perry taps into my girlie side of me. I saw her open up for No Doubt and she had the cutest outfits and there were strawberry decorations everywhere! Loved it! This video is her in CandyLand. This was my all time favorite game as a kid. I would just stare at it forever wishing I lived in CandyLand. I loved everything about this game - the pictures that told a story or actually what my imagination came up with, the gingerbread men (I was always the red one), and of course my favorite - Princess Lolly! Her curly pink hair, violet eyes with long thick eyelashes - I wanted to be her! I would come up with stories that Lord Licorice and Molasses Swap were the bad guys and Princess Lolly was always the one that saved the day.

Funny story about Sunday. My cousin was watching her niece Jiselle and she wanted to come to my house and swim. Jason told Jiselle she could come over only if he could throw her in the pool. You should have seen her eyes light up - she was so excited. So we go outside and the cautious husband that I have asks her and us a billion times "You sure you can swim?" before throwing her in the pool. He throws her in and she is hooked - she has him throw her in over and over. My cousin's husband Adam decides it is his turn to throw her in. I don't know why but I just thought it was a bad idea and I wasn't the only one. My worry wart husband says not only once to Adam, but multiple times "Adam, now throw her in the pool - not over the pool". Again Jason says - "Adam I'm not sure you know your strength dude - be careful!" I swear to god if Jason and I ever have kids we will end up having either Bubble Boy or Amelie.
Adam takes a hold of Jiselle and throws her up and by the time she returned to earth her body was laying flat and she belly flopped on the water. It was such a loud smack that all of us screamed! Poor baby was blinking her eyes and you could see the pain in the them. She tried to take it like a champ and say it didn't hurt but she did NOT want to be thrown in again.

Shockingly, after the belly flop she wanted to go in the house. I turned on cartoons for her and Yo Gabba Gabba was on. So to make her happy I danced with her. I'm such a sucker. Yo Gabba Gabba creators are from a band I loved in high school, the AquaBats. I still love their silly songs so it was no problem for me to dance to the songs. One of my favorite songs from The AquaBats is 'The Cat with Two Heads'. The main reason for that was because of my lil' sis Missy. This song always made her laugh hysterically because the cat screeching in the background. I'm picking her up tomorrow from the airport. Guess what song I will have queued up for her!

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