Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bad Boys - COPS Theme song

Yesterday I was going to take Lucy for a walk but then I decided to take her to the dog park. It is not technically a dog park but people pretty much made it into that. However, there are signs everywhere saying you need to have your dog on a leash and pretty much no one does. So, there I am sitting on a park bench enjoying the summer day with Lucy by my feet watching dogs run around chatting with another dog owner. By the way, why do I only remember the dog names and not the owners name? The dog's name was Cooper. Oh well.

So all of the sudden I hear people screaming for their dogs and people running around like crazy. So I put Lucy on my lap because I think it is a mountain lion or coyotes or something that are about to attack the dogs (I know I'm drama). I look over and there are two park ranger cars driving full blast through the park with their sirens on towards us. People are scrambling like roaches in the light to get their dogs on the leash. Lucy and I just watch in amazement while the following occurs.

The first car drives toward a big group of people trying to put their dogs on a leash and start giving out tickets. The tickets are $150 per dog that are not on a leash. The other car (a van) starts driving after a guy and his dog who are running full blast toward the parking lot. The passenger of the van jumps out and starts running after this guy. The van then starts to drive after the guy through the park and then realizes it will try and beat him to the parking lot. The van proceeds to do donuts in the park to turn around and get to the parking lot. There is dirt and grass flying everywhere while the van is weaving in and out of the trees! I mean it was like they were going after a murderer. By the way there is a playground right by here and people often sleep under the trees for afternoon naps in this park where this van decided to go ape shit. It was like watching a mixture between COPS and Reno 911. It was amazing and way over the top!

I'm waiting for the next reality show on TLC or A&E - "The Park Rangers of Serrania Park". They mean serious business.

My friend said that they family that I yelled at a week ago there probably called the rangers to complain. Let me explain a bit. Umm, there are times in my life that I get irritated at dumb people - children included - and I feel the need to tell them exactly what is on my mind. I took Lucy to the park about a week ago and once we got there she did her business. Now mind you, there are doggie poop bags at the park. While Lucy was doing her business this family at a picnic bench is watching Lucy (weirdos) and the mom says "Let's see if she picks up after her dog." My blood starts to boil. I then start to walk to the bag holder so I can pick up her 1 inch turd and the 9 year old child proceeds to yell "Pick up after your dog!" Anger took over and I said "I'm going to get a baggie! Mind your god damn business and shut the hell up!" The family just stared while the mother continued to blather on about me. I then said "You are raising little assholes like yourself!" Sometimes I feel like I have a problem, but other times I feel like I don't because she did not say one word after that.

So it may or may not be my fault for the shake down at Serrania park but it was really entertaining and I sang Bad Boys on the way home.

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  1. hahahhaah... this is the best post yet. i've seen police pull up at that park before- luckily i was on my way out with PsychoMange, but i'm sure i would have been an easy ticket for them.

    that family reminds me of families i used to nanny for. ugh, makes me want to punch a wall just thinking about it. typical LA.