Friday, May 21, 2010

Lucy Sue - Written/Produced/Performed by Me

About six months ago I finally convinced my husband to agree to get a puppy. So we went to Newbury Pet Store. This was recommended to me by two of my friends. This guy owns a pet store and for years has been rescuing dogs from the Bakersfield dog pounds. So we went on a Thursday night and checked out the dogs he brought back. There were two dogs that caught my eye at first and my husband said let's take the night to think about it. So Friday morning we headed back up there and I was trying to make a decision between the two dogs when my husband said, "Hey did you check out this puppy over here?" In fact I did and I let her lick my fingers but the dog next to her was a yapper so I walked away. So I looked at this cute face again and I asked if I could take her out. She was so excited and licked me to death! It was a match made in heaven! She was adorable! She was 3 months old and is a dachshund/chihuahua mix. So we chose her and I got to pick her up the next day.

Lucy Sue McGillacutty has changed our lives to the point we don't know what we did without her. I have always been a "cat" person because I had kitties that snuggled with me and I didn't think anything could be better. I didn't think I could have the best of both worlds. For example, Lucy is snuggled up next to me while I am writing this and every once in awhile giving my knee cap a lick. I guess it looks like it needs it. I also can train her to sit, lay down and stay which I could never do with my kitties. However, all my training goes out the window when she goes to grandma/grandpa's - she gets snacks for just being cute. She has been able to make us smile through some really difficult times I we love her so much!

So I made up a song for her. It just came to me. Here is why I make up songs. My dad used to make up songs ALL the time! During the summer when school was out we used to take turns going to work with my dad. He is a pool man. I have so many stories from those times it's ridiculous. But here is a little gem for you: My dad made up a song about Fritos to the tune of "Cielito Lindo". "Ay ay ay ay Chrystal loves Fritos corn chippers. She loves them she does, she loves them she does. She loves Fritos corn chippers". But of course insert any one of his children's names in that song. I thought it was hilarious. If we are ever at a place that has mariachi's my dad always requests that song and then says "hey Chrystal, sing along with me!" My dad is silly. I think that is one of the reasons I think my husband is hilarious - he makes up amazing songs. I'm sure they will make it up on here one day.

Anyways, I made up a song for Lucy based on the America the Beautiful song. "Your beautiful for Lucy Sue and you are snuggly too! You lick on me and bite on me...I think your crazy too!!!!!" I know...embarrassing right. So, this is the song I woke up singing.

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