Friday, May 28, 2010

Thank you to my good friend of Things I Like To Eat for providing this to me! If you guys have not already joined her blog please do. She is a great writer, funny and sarcastic = amazing. I was honored to get the "Plastic Joy Award"! Don't ask who designed this award because I don't know. But I did play barbie's like this when no one was looking.

Once you receive this prestigious award you must name 5 characters (NOT the actual celeb) that you would like to provide some serious smooches to.

5. King Leonidas - I have never been the girl to like big muscle beef cake guys. However, I drooled throughout the movie 300 at Gerard Butler's amazing body. It helped to see his perfect booty and to hear his Scottish accent.

4. Indiana Jones - I have had a lot of crushes on movie/TV characters in my life but this has been the longest crush. I loved the Indiana Jones movies and seeing Harrison Ford's tall lean body and his cute side smile through out the series was enough to make a little girl go crazy. Even when he turned bad in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and was about to lower his girlfriend into lava - I still thought he was hot! Even though that movie scared the crap out of me and I wanted to close my eyes - I couldn't! He was just too hot and sweaty.

3. Richie Tenenbaum - I love Luke Wilson in general. His brother Andrew as "Future Man" in Bottle Rockets is also pretty hot. But Luke is just so cute and sweet. He won me over completely when he played Richie Tenenbaum in The Royal Tenenbaums. Who else can rock the 70's style better. Love the brown suit paired with sweatbands and dad style glasses. As you will see in my #1 smoocher I like guys who are in love with a tinge of obsession.

2. Patrick Bateman - Christian Bale is completely gorgeous to me. Patrick Bateman embodied a lot things that I look for in a man.

- Cares for his body and does masks to care for his clogged pores

- He loves the hits of the 80's

- He loves returning video tapes (I can't remember to return them. See we are a perfect match)

1. Jett Rink - I still have a picture of James Dean playing Jett Rink in the movie "Giant". This movie is one of my favorite movies. Jett Rink was a farm hand wanted a better life for himself. He was obsessed with Elizabeth Taylor (who wouldn't be) and was so intent on making a lot of money so she would notice him. He was alcoholic and loved her for the rest of his life. See I told you - I like weird guys.

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  1. i like how indie was too hot and sweaty for you to close your eyes.