Sunday, May 30, 2010

5/30/10: Sexy Chick - Akon/David Guetta

Don't laugh.

I told you - I wake up with some weird stuff in my head in the morning. But this song is really fun to dance to. I actually haven't been dancing in awhile...hmmm I think the last time I went dancing I went to the Beauty Bar with my friend Sasha, Jason and my cousin. It was an eventful evening to say the least. My cousin decided to see if Mentos really was the Fresh Maker! We saw a guy that looked exactly like Wes Welker from the New England Patriots and Sasha and I danced the entire night. I think the moment I realized what a good friend Sasha was going to be for me is when she asked me to go request "Push It" from Salt N Pepa. Friend for life.

1 comment:

  1. do NOT remind me about the mentos...

    i still need to have that 30th dance party.