Thursday, May 20, 2010

5/18/10: Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

Ok so this is a bad start to my blog. I got up to check my email and facebook this morning and it changed my morning music! Now because my sister posted a video of these guys in Oregon University doing Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance – I guess this is the song that is now stuck in my head. But like I said. I always have good stories/memories related to songs.

So a few weeks ago my sister had to go to Palm Springs for work. I agreed to watch her girls. She has two very sweet, adorable and hilarious little girls. The oldest is 5 and youngest is 3. On the way down to my house I put on Lady Gaga for them because they LOVE to sing to her songs! So all the way down to my house I realized that my 3-year-old niece knew every single word to Paparazzi and looked completely adorable singing. I had to play it 3 times because I couldn’t get enough. My 5-year-old niece likes to be dramatic with her face while singing. She really gets into it. This is the girl who I swear can watch a movie one time and can quote the movie. Ridiculous. Anyways my favorite quotes from the girls were the following:

1. My 3-year-old niece was talking in her sleep and said “No! I don’t like baby eggs!” What the heck was she dreaming about!

2. We took the girls out to lunch with my husbands work friend who recently had a baby. My 5-year-old niece said to her husband “I like your hair, but I don’t like your attitude.” It was hilarious!

I love watching my nieces grow up and see their little personalities come out. It is good to see that we are building music memories together as well.

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