Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Than A Feeling - Boston

Ok so I haven't posted in a few days because I have not had any morning music. I have had to work late the last few nights and I had trouble sleeping. No sleep = no music and grump attitude.

I have so many memories connected to Boston's More Than a Feeling it is ridiculous.

Driving around with my brother screaming this at the top of our lungs, playing Rock Band with the family and just killin' it, and too many more memories to list. This song was not only played in our house all the time but in my aunts and uncles houses as well. We all grew up listening to 70's rock and this song was I think topped the charts in my family. Every weekend when my parents, specifically my dad wanted us to get up he would play music - excuse me let me correct that - blast music so we would get up. Never worked for me because I could sleep through an earthquake as a kid (I really did). Let me explain a little more about how it was growing up not only for me but for my cousins as well. It was essential to have an amazing stereo system. My parents and my aunts and uncles on both sides of my family always had the best stereo systems. We could all live in a hell hole or live in rags but we had a rockin' stereo system! So yes every weekend my dad would get us up with blaring music and this song was always on the playlist. My dad would mix up the playlist as a kid but once I got into high school he pretty much had a standard Saturday/Sunday morning playlist.

One of these days I will share my dad's weekend playlist so stay tuned!

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