Monday, May 24, 2010

I Want You to Want Me: Cheap Trick

This weekend we went to visit a friend in El Segundo. After a yummy BBQ at their house we went to see a cover band at the Lighthouse Cafe' in Hermosa beach. One of the songs they covered was "I Want You to Want Me" by Cheap Trick. Thus the reason I woke up with it my head this morning.

However, I would say the experience I had in the girls bathroom is more blog worthy. If anyone can explain what the hell this means it would be great.

Ok, so I go into the girls bathroom and there are two stalls - normal right. I go into the stall and right after another girl walks in and goes into the other stall. I am in the stall doing my business and the girl in the next stall puts her flip-flopped foot in my stall. I thought, hmm...ok that is weird - but whatever, maybe she doesn't know her foot is in my stall. Then she slowly takes her finger and starts rubbing her toe nail! Over and over again - not her toe....her toenail!!! So I am freaked out and hurry up to get the hell out of there. I am moving at the speed of light to wash & dry my hands so I don't have to see this creepy toe rubber and then she bursts out of the stall with a big smile on her face! I almost screamed and I ran out of the bathroom. I'm sure she saw terror in my eyes!

So do you think I over reacted? Does anyone else in this world think it is weird that a woman puts her foot in another woman's stall and starts rubbing her toenail slowly with one finger!!!! Why does this crap happen to me!!!


  1. ewwwww, whatta creep!!

    lol- read the title of this list and take a look at #4...

  2. maybe she thought you were a friend she was playing a joke on? That is so creepy otherwise...