Monday, May 24, 2010

5/23/10: Close Call - Rilo Kiley

Rilo Kiley's "Close Call" reminds me of my little sis Missy (aka: Freakshow) because she introduced me to this band. She has the song "Silver Lining" on her phone when you call her. We all have this thing in our family where we share the music we have been listening to. My husband and Missy always find the best music. So whenever we are all together they ask each other - "So what have you been listening to lately" or "Oh my god I have to show you this band!" Missy usually comes equipped with burned CDs for us or we send her on her way with the music Jason found. I feel so proud when I get to show them a cool band I found! Yes!!! I'm cool! nerd.

We have been sharing music since I can remember. When my sister Heather first got married she used to make me and my sister Tabi tapes with the music she was listening to. It was the greatest gifts! Missy a few years ago made each of us a personalized CD with songs that reminded her of each of us and some special songs she wanted to show us. She even made a CD cover with a picture of us together. I thought that was so sweet that she do that for each of us.

Music has been something that has been a healing salve for my family. There are many nights that I sit on Jason's lap when we are having a rough time and we just listen to music. I know that my lil' sis has listened to Rilo Kiley and the numerous other bands she has showed me to get her through her hard time. I'm missing my Missy.

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