Monday, July 19, 2010

Brother Louie - Stories

We just started watching Louie CK's new show on FX and it's funny but not as hilarious as his stand up is. Not much of a story there.

I will tell you a story of what happened yesterday. This weekend I pretty much bummed around for two days and enjoyed doing nothing. I went in the pool everyday and it was amazing! Yesterday I thought I would read a little outside and then when I could bear the heat no more - jump in the pool. I decided to take out my little Lucy with me. I walk outside and I see my father in law has put out nuts to feed the squirrels. Side note - they have done this for years and the squirrels are obese now and the nuts also bring rats as well. Disgusting.

Anyways, Lucy sits by me like a good puppy and then ventures to do some backyard exploring. She heads straight for the nuts because she is never full of having treats. She ate two nuts and then I jumped up and realized they were macadamia nuts. I grabbed her and ran into the house and asked my mother in law - "Did you guys put out macadamia nuts outside?" She said, "yes we are trying to get rid of them."

I was fuming. For those of you who do not know what a dog can or cannot eat. Macadamia nuts is a no no. So I calmed myself and went to my computer to see if I should immediately take her to the vet or what. So of course everyone says - call your vet. I call the Pet Emergency Clinic because it is Sunday and my vet is not open. I go over the details with the lady and she says they cannot say what to do because it is poison ingested from 'people food'. Huh? She gave me the number to the Animal Poison Control. I start to get nervous.

Jason knew I was upset and tried to calm me down but I just blew - 'Why would you put stuff outside that is poisonous to dogs when you have dogs that go outside!! If you want to get rid of stuff - throw it away!!' He was smart and just walked away to talk to his parents.

I call the Animal Poison Control and had to pay $65 just to talk to someone and see if I should take my dog in or not. I again go over the details with the lady and she said the vet if it was her dog she would stay at home and monitor her. She said I can expect the following:

- Vomit & diaherria
- Macadamia nuts affects the brain so she may become quiet and have a hard time walking or the use of her hind legs.
- Tremors

At this point I have a lump in my throat and am scared because I don't want to see Lucy go through this. She told me the symptoms when I need to call them back because it is more serious (ie. cannot stop vomiting, cannot get up, really bad tremors). She also said because nuts are high in fat in 2 to 3 days I can possibly see her start vomiting all over again because she has pancreatitis and for that I need to take her in. Good times.

I get off the phone and Jason is waiting there with a worried look on his face because he sees all the notes I took from my conversation. He said, "Is she gonna die?" That made me smile a little because he shared my over active worry. I went through what the lady said and assured him that I'm sure she will probably just be sleepy tonight because she only ate two. Meanwhile Lucy is acting normal and chasing a fly around the room. To me this was a good sign. Jason said his parents felt bad and thought I was mad at them, which I initially was but in reality Lucy could have snatched a piece of chocolate from me. It was an accident - I'm over it. So, I go out and talk to his parents and assure them that I'm not angry and I tell them what the lady told me. Jason's mom proceeds to tell me all the 'poisonous' things she fed her dogs for years and they never had any problems and finds it interesting that everyone says that they are poisonous now. She said I come from the day when you give your dogs left overs. I said yeah I never knew all the things that could be bad for dogs - but there are reasons that vets are saying they are bad for dogs - so I want to stay away from them. At this point I'm getting irritated again because I feel she is saying I'm overreacting and that it's no big deal and that everyone focuses on the 'horror stories'. I just walked away.

So about an hour passes and Jason's parents wanted to show us something on the TV so we go into their living room to watch. I brought Lucy and she was running around like normal. Jason's mom said 'Wow, call the ambulance she is really sick'. Stay calm. Geez isn't there some laundry I should be doing? Hmm - I leave with Lucy.

Throughout the night Jason's dad goes about his business and has to go through our section of the house to do it - but thoughtfully comes and checks on Lucy. She is still going nuts - no bringing her down. He says 'Yeah she is really sick - maybe she needs some more nuts'. Boiling. Maybe I'm just sensitive - but shut up!!!

I seriously believe macadamia nuts for Lucy is crack. She was running around like I have never seen her. Really, really jumpy. Around 9:30 I was filling up her water and she was just sitting there being a good puppy and she started shaking and twitching. I screamed for Jason and he ran in she finally stopped but I was scared. He was like calm down Chrystal - she is gonna be fine! I lost it once again. I really needed release some anger - maybe punch someone, good ol' hair pull or a nice pinch. Instead I just went and read a book to get away. Lucy snuggled up next to me.

Lucy was sleepy at her normal time and Jason and I ended the evening on good terms with Lucy between us on the bed.

I am friggin' exhausted. But I like this song.

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