Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This is the Day - The The

This song always reminds me of my sister Heather. My sister has always been a big influence on me growing up. She was my idol - everything she did, I did. If she was wearing her a hair a certain way I would do the same. I used to love when people would call me "Little Heather". She never thought I was annoying or irritating - she is such a good sissy. I swear to god our 8th grade spring pictures we look almost identical - even though it was 4 years apart we were wearing a similar shirt and hair style. Of course Heather looked more put together, I was always a little frazzled looking. Probably because I had just finished playing kick ball.

Like I said in a previous blog update she used to make us tapes of the music she was listening to. She was always thinking of us or my parents. She is our family organizer. If we are going on a trip we can sit back and relax because we know Heather will pretty much plan everything. I know she gets irritated at that sometimes but, honey you do it so well!

I remember the year after she got married she planned to do a video for my parents anniversary. We helped her get pictures together of my parents and us, although I don't really remember doing much. She planned it all out, putting the pictures in order and to what music. Danielle, do you understand now why you remind me so much of my sister! It was the best thing I have seen and heard. The music really made the video. The songs she used was:

- Maggie May - Rod Stewart
This is my parents song. The video showed pictures of them as kids and them together when they were dating - which was not very long. Horn dogs!

- Cherry Bomb - John Cougar Mellencamp (the Coug)
This part of the video is showing when they had Heather and moved out to the mid west when they were 19.

- We Are Family - Sister Sledge
Of course showing the three older girls - Heather, Tabi and finally ME!
- Young American - David Bowie
This song was dedicated to my younger brother and sister. They seriously have the cutest baby pictures! Jake looked like a doll! He was the only one of us that got my dad's big blue eyes. His baby girl Ava looks just like him - she will be a beautiful girl. Missy on the other hand had these big red lips as a kid and she was never in clothes. So her pictures consisted of maybe a diaper, her 'nene' (blanket) and her big red lips. Quick story about Missy's lips. She went to spend the day at my Grandma's house one time and my Grandma got mad at her because she thought she put lipstick on. My Grandma was rubbing the crap out of her lips to try and get the lipstick off and Missy was yelling "Grandma it's just my lips!" So funny!

- This is the Day - The The
My sister ended the video with this song with pictures of her wedding. James was now a new member of the family and I think for me watching this part of the video I felt our life was changing because all of us were getting older and we were going to start moving on with our lives and adding more people to our family. I remember thinking, "We are gonna need to add to this!" Now to think about then to now our family has gone through many many changes and it is still changing. Man, I think we need to do an updated family video! We can leave out the assholes along the way though.

The thing that has been constant is that we all still love each other. I was watching a show with a lady who has a bunch of brothers and sisters and she said "We fight a lot and we love a lot." I thought that was very true. My sister Heather said something very similar about us, she's a smart lady.

I leave you with this song to enjoy.


  1. I burst out laughing about 'leaving the assholes' out! Love this blog! :}

  2. Thanks Tab - got you in my next update as well. :)

  3. I was laughing, too until I played the video. I was at mom's and we were reading the blog together. Once the video came on...lots of tears. It's such a bittersweet song, but I love it.