Friday, July 23, 2010

I Wanna Be Your Man - Zapp & Rogers

Oh yeah baby - this takes me back to my high school days. After leaning like a cholo at North side Santa Maria parties we would bring it on down and dance to jams like this. The guys at these parties weren't embarrassed to sing to you while dancing with you. I remember the first time we went to a North Side party, we were certainly not dressed appropriately and it was different than any party I have been to. I loved it though! I remember thinking I love that they are playing all this old music!

We lived initially on the South end of Santa Maria (or Orcutt/O town) and then ended up moving right outside of Santa Maria to a little place called Tanglewood (or the Wood). You would never think this little small agricultural town was so gangsta. Most of the parties we had gone to played all the new music like C&C Music Factory (oh yeah baby gonna make you sweat) and head banger hits of the day like Metallica and Nirvana. But if we were having parties my sister Tabi and I would always try to bring it back a bit and throw in some 80's hits and people would stand there staring at us while we and some of our good friends were the only ones dancing. So I appreciated going to parties where people loved old songs. That is how the North side parties were. They listened to all the songs my Aunt Mo used to listen to when we would go visit her and her friends.

My first slow song with a guy at a North side party was Always and Forever and he starting singing. At first I was like wow this guy really likes this song. Then I looked at him and he was staring at me singing the song! AHHH! I was not ready for that! This is the dancing I was used to - you barely talk to each other because you are embarrassed that you are that close to each other and if you make eye contact, you quickly look away. Ok may have been my nerves but I was never really comfortable getting close because I felt like a nerd. Don't get me wrong I loved slow dancing because I was not allowed to date until I was 18 so any chance to touch boys I was all for it! But I have to be one of the most awkward people known to man if I like someone or if I think they like me. Ask my husband. To top off the weirdness during this dance his breathe was getting progressively worse because he kept trying to get his face closer to mine. I started to lean my head away as far as possible and looking for my sister Tabi to give her the "HELP" face. But Tabi - Ms. Comfortable in every situation was chatty Cathy was some other guy she was dancing with. Thanks. But bad breath and all I always had a blast.

This song also reminds me of one my favorite comedies - Pootie Tang. If you have ever seen the movie you are probably saying "That is the dumbest movie in the world". I don't know but I think it is funny. Especially the part with this song. I cant' find the clip of it on YouTube - but I will show a little trailer for Pootie Tang So dumb - but kind of genius?


  1. i like how the most ghetto music on the face of the planet makes you say to me "you're gonna like today's song".

    btw- you and i are fucking twins souls when it comes to EXTREME awkwardness with the opposite sex. to this day, i have trouble holding eye contact with a guy. and being fucking face-to-face...?! omg, the thought makes me have explosive diarrhea.

  2. haha I know! Poor Jason when he finally told me he like me I just clammed up and he said "I thought you were confident?" ugh.