Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Knockin' on Heaven's Door - Guns & Roses

Yes I know mom - Bob Dylan wrote and sang this song. But of course I have a good story that goes with the Gun & Roses version. Well I guess it is really not my story - it is my sister Heather's story. I hope you don't kill me for this H.

Heather moved up to Santa Maria before we did and as she always does, made friends immediately. She was dating someone at the time but of course she is beautiful and the Santa Maria boys didn't know where to get. She was adored by all of them.

She told me that one time she went to one of her friends parties and this guy asked her to slow dance to Knocking on Heaven's Door by Guns & Roses and she accepted. The guy was basically drooling over her the whole time and all of the sudden - HELLO!! - she knew he was very happy. The guy was obviously proud of it because he made no effort to back away. She also said he had a creepy smile on his face. EWWW! After the song was over she ran away from him and told her friends and for the rest of the evening they were singing to her "Knock knock knockin' on Heather's door!" She was mortified.

The best part about this story to me is imagining my sisters face. When she is shocked or disgusted she is like me in the fact that it cannot be hidden on her face. I'm sure her eyes were huge and her mouth pursed and in her mind she was saying "SICK!"

I can't stop laughing!!

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