Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Dress - Blonde Redhead

Well sorry kids, I love this song but it is kind of depressing. I was obsessed with this band about a year ago and could NOT stop listening to them. I am very excited though because they are playing at the Music Box (aka Henry Fonda theatre) in November. Anyone wanna go with me?

My deepest fear has always been that once people get to know me they will not like me. It's something that I have had to face and deal with. Now if you don't like me I could care less! I think that is the good thing with getting older - you realize you don't have to put up with bull crap and find relationships you want to nurture and grow and others that can be thrown away in the trash. Sounds kind of harsh but true. My thirties have been a roller coaster but I have found that even though I can see things that I can improve about myself - I like who I am.

Anyways this song reminded me of my insecurities and how life, experience and the support of good friends (and a good man) can help you get over them.

Thoughts on the video?

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